First you will need to submit a pitch video on this DevPost site that sums up your idea, from this finalists will be short-listed and will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to our panel of judges. 


UPitch Rules: 

  1. Pitch video must be a maximum of two minutes long.

  2. Pitchers are required to submit their two minute video as part of their competition entry and nomination’s round to be considered for final selection and to be invited to present at UPitch.

  3. DevPost is the official UPitch competition submission site; remember to register at least one team member in DevPost (you'll need at least one person registered in DevPost to create and submit your video pitch)

  4. Please include in your submission, team name and pitcher name, a list of your team members, with details about your pitch, concept and ideas. 

  5. Note all submission elements and times are system controlled so no extensions are available! Closing date will be announced soon


 Tips and what Judges’ will be looking for:

  1. Understand the market?
  2. Does your strategic thinking make sense?
  3. Is your thinking innovative or pedestrian?
  4. Does the concept have ‘legs’? Can you see it extending through many channels?
  5. Is it absolutely relevant?
  6. Did it provoke a reaction or merely a nod?
  7. Are your costs/timelines reasonable?
  8. Will customers feel value for money?